• 100ml
    All skin types. Exfoliating, skin-smoothing care. Gentle 2-in-1 foaming exfoliating emulsion removes dead skin cells and accelerates the skin's natural cellular renewal.
    Benefits: (1) Immediately refines the skin texture, (2) The skin is soft and supple, (3) Smoothing anti-aging action on the epidermis, (4) Improves the appearance of very dry areas of the body (elbows, knees, feet). Actives: Gentle tension agents - Effective and non-aggressive micro-spherical exfoliating particles made from jojoba wax, perfectly spherical and smooth - Complex of natural fatty acids and oat amino acids - Complex of silk glycoproteins titrated in sericin

    90.00 CHF
    All skin types.
    Benefits: (1) Moisturizes and revitalizes, (2) Lightweight yet intensely moisturizing, (3) Improves tonicity of the tissues and the vitality of the skin, (4) Its regular use prevents the skin from aging. Actives: Shea butter, Essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6 - Natural moisturizing factor - Vitamin C and E derivatives - Humectants, emollients


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