• 75 ml
    All skin types.

    Soft exfoliation with a double effect: mechanical and enzymatic

  • 50ml
    All skin types. Revitalizing and moisturizing cream-mask for a radiant skin.
    Anti-oxidant and radiance-booster cream-mask highly concentrated in stabilized Vitamin C, low and high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acids and latest generation micro-encapsulated Peptide. A combination of breakthrough technology and efficacy with a comfortable velvet smooth texture, for a skin full of vitality upon waking up.
  • 75 ml
    All skin types, and more particularly for blurred, dull, asphyxiated complexions, dilated pores, "tired complexion".
    Smooth & light booster.
    Express radiance mask and poreminimizer, rich in smoothing, moisturizing and light-boosting ingredients. Benefits: (1) Brightens and evens skin tone, (2) Visibly tightens pores, (3) Reduces signs of fatigue. Actives: PCbG Complex (Balancing, Revitalizing, Protecting) - Plant extracts (Birch, Melilot, Green Tea) - High molecular weight Hyaluronic acid - Beta Glucan - Vitamin F - Kaolin
  • 75 ml
    All skin types Balancing Revitalizing
    Peel-off film mask rich in PCbG Complex, natural essential oils, plant extracts of  Chamomile, Ivy, Hamamelis, Coneflower and Butcher’s Broom, and energizing minerals. Eliminates impurities. Leaves the skin smooth, soft, and radiant. Unifies the complexion.
    Benefits: (1) Balances the skin to restore a healthy tone, (2) Instantly smooths and firms epidermis, (3) Hydrates and regenerates the skin’s moisture barrier, (4) Improves skin elasticity.
    Actives: PCbG Complex : Balancing, Revitalizing, Protecting -  Synergy of plant extracts: Camomile, Ivy, Hamamelis, Coneflower, Butcher’s Broom - Glycyrrhetinic acid - Essential oils of Lavender and rosewood - Moisturizing complex - Emollient complex

    80.00 CHF
    75 ml
    All skin types Nourishing Soothing Mask.
    Mask with a soft and enveloping texture.
    Benefits: (1) Nourishes and soothes the skin, (2) Restores the skin’s lipid barrier, (3) Leaves the skin supple and radiant.
    Actives: Squalane 2% - Vitamin F 0.5%
    What makes the difference: Squalane balances sebum production and slows down skin aging. Vitamin F promotes skin reconstitution.


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