75.00 CHF
    15 ml + 30 ml
    Impure and oily Skins.
    The perfect synergy to restore healthy skin in a natural way.
    1. Localized care to eliminate impurities and dead cells
    2. Regulates sebum secretion
    3. Prevents the appearance of pimples
    4. Smoothes the skin’s texture and rebalances its natural protection
    1. Normalizes, protects and regenerates the skin
    2. Tightens pores
    3. Prevents scarring due to acne
    4. Soothing, repairing and healing properties
  • 10 ml
    Anti-blemish Roll-On
    Benefits: Rich in ingredients helping to (1) visibly detoxify and smooth imperfections, (2) regulate sebum secretion, (3) improve the appearance of skin with acne and comedons, (4) quickly dry-out pimples and imperfections. Actives: Essential Oil Complex (Lavender, Immortelle, Tea Tree, Lemon, Lemongrass, Thyme) - Plant ingredient (Coptis Chinensis) - Complex Tocopheryl Acetate, Salicylic Acid, Biotin, Panthenol.
  • 100 ml
    All skin types. Antioxidant Spray.
    Light and non-sticky mist. Benefits: Instantly shields and protects the skin against negative effects of free radicals, pollution and blue light. Actives: Ferulic Acid 0.5% - Superoxide Dismutase 1% - pH ≈ 4,1 What makes the difference: Superoxide Dismutase is known for its anti-aging properties and Ferulic Acid is recognized as an excellent photoprotective agent.
  • 50 ml
    All skin types. Intensive Exfoliant.
    Benefits: (1) Improves skin cell renew, (2) Immediate smoothing effect, (3) Restores radiance and uniformity to the complexion. Actives: Lactic Acid 5% - Lime Pearl Complex 2% - pH ≈ 3,8
    What makes the difference: Lactic Acid exfoliates. The Lime Pearl Complex reinforces the exfoliating properties of Lactic Acid and is also known for its antioxidant properties. 

    75.00 CHF
    29 ml
    All skin types, particularly recommended for dry or mature skin. Radiance Face Oil.
    Fine oil that allows easy application and rapid absorption through the skin.
    Benefits: (1) Restores the skin’s hydrolipidic film and promotes cell renewal, (2) Improves skin elasticity and provides an immediate tightening effect, (3) Smoothes wrinkles and visibly reduces the signs of aging thanks to the action of retinol.
    Actives: Rosehip Seed Oil 94.5 % - Chia Seed Oil 5%

    What makes the difference: Rosehip Seed Oil (natural source of Vitamin A, also called Retinol) revitalizes and regenerates the skin. Chia Seed Oil, rich in Omegas soothes and restores the skin’s barrier.​ Retinol is one of the most powerful anti-aging active ingredients due to its multiple actions on the visible signs of aging (wrinkles, spots, loss of firmness, radiance).


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