• 75 ml
    All skin types, and more particularly for blurred, dull, asphyxiated complexions, dilated pores, "tired complexion".
    Smooth & light booster.
    Express radiance mask and poreminimizer, rich in smoothing, moisturizing and light-boosting ingredients. Benefits: (1) Brightens and evens skin tone, (2) Visibly tightens pores, (3) Reduces signs of fatigue. Actives: PCbG Complex (Balancing, Revitalizing, Protecting) - Plant extracts (Birch, Melilot, Green Tea) - High molecular weight Hyaluronic acid - Beta Glucan - Vitamin F - Kaolin
  • 50 ml
    Anti-Aging Sun Care SPF50 - Face
    The SF50 anti-aging sun care for the face provides a double protection against the sun and anti-aging in order to preserve the skin's youthful capital. Its creamy texture of care with a natural finish penetrates instantly and leaves no white cast.
  • 150 ml
    Anti-Aging Sun Care SPF30 - Face and Body
    Sun protection and anti-aging, often put aside for the body, is nevertheless essential. It is thus a gesture care to adopt for a double protection of skin, beautiful and young longer. Its light and non-sticky texture with a natural finish makes it easy and pleasant to use. 
  • 150 ml
    Anti-Aging After Sun Care
    Will help the skin to restore its protective barrier, rehydrate it and slow down the harmful effects of the sun on the skin thanks to a cocktail of repairing, regenerating and anti-aging skin ingredients. Its melting gel texture provides a real sensation of comfort and freshness upon application.  A high-performance care to take care of your skin after sun exposure.
  • SHOT C15

    75.00 CHF
    27 ml
    All skin types. Global Anti-Aging Serum.
    Benefits: (1) Firms the skin, (2)Protects cells from free radicals, (3)Visibly reduces pigmentation spots, (4)Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis
    Actives: Pure Vitamin C, i.e. in its L-Ascorbic Acid form - pH ≈ 3,5
    Pure Vitamin C, i.e. in its L-Ascorbic Acid form, is acclaimed by skin care professionals for its clinically proven results. However, in contact with air, water or light, Vitamin C oxidizes very easily, thus losing its effectiveness.   What makes the difference: To guarantee all its freshness and to free itself from the chemical solvents used by the cosmetic industry to improve its stability, Physiodermie conditioned the pure Vitamin C in the form of powder in a stick. This one is to be poured at the time of the opening in a serum containing hyaluronic acid. Once reconstituted, the serum is stable for at least 1 month, thus offering all the performance of pure Vitamin C concentrated at 15% for the duration of the treatment.


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