Body Rebalancing pH


  • Description

    • Rebalancing phase: a compress on entire body with essential oils.
    • Body massage: a massage using draining oil to soften and nourish the epidermis.
    • Exfoliation phase: with essential oils, vegetable oils and vitamins A, E and B5 to rebalance the pH of the skin and relieve oxidative stress.
    • Finishing the treatment: the body is rinced, a body Milk is applied, followed by a Bioarome with essential oils adapted to the skin needs as well as a bust firming gel to obtain a toned and regenerated skin with an instant stimulating effect.
  • Results

    Skin damaged, stressed and attacked by the sun or pollution regains its natural balance and all its vitality. Thanks to the benefits of Méthode Physiodermie hydration, sensitized skin regains comfort and suppleness.

  • Duration

    55 min

Products used