Skincare Express Skin Detox

  • Description

    • Pre-treatment: cleansing and balancing your skin with Methode Physiodermie essentials to purify and prepare the skin for hydration and further essentials adsorption.
    • Exfoliation phase: thanks to the mild non-aggressive microspheres and a high concentration of plant oils and vitamin A, B5 and E, Soft Facial Biopeeling will gently removes dead cells and impurities during massage, for a revitalizing and re-energizing effect.
    • Balancing phase: mask with essential oils to cleanse and rebalance the skin with an immediate purifying effect, revealing a clear complexion.
    • Finishing the treatment: with Eye Contour Gel and an Emulsion to continue hydrate and rebalance the skin.
  • Results

    Express treatment for a healthy glow on face, neck, and eye contour with Methode Physiodermie essentials. Offers radiant complexion and relaxation in 30 minutes.

  • Duration

    30 min

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