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Developing, designing and manufacturing all products in accordance with Switzerland’s stringent cosmetic industry standards, Laboratoire Sintyl guarantees you the highest quality.

40 years of swiss research in cosmetology
SINCE 1974Located in Geneva, Switzerland, Laboratoire Sintyl has devoted its research to skincare and evolutionary “avant garde” techniques in cosmetology.

All our products are developed, designed and manufactured with the finest ingredients in Switzerland , and are subject to strict quality control in accordance with Switzerland’s stringent cosmetic industry standards, which guarantee optimal quality and efficacy.

Driven by the desire to develop a stronger understanding of the origins and diversities of the skin of every individual, both physically and physiologically, Laboratoire Sintyl conducted a vast research program, enabling the discovery of a major breakthrough: micro-encapsulation of ingredients.

The results of 40 years of research, advanced beauty concepts, and cutting-edge technologies are featured into Laboratoire Sintyl’s premium skincare Methode Physiodermie®.

Innovative products
and methods,
using cutting-edge

Thanks to its deep understanding of physiological, biochemical and morphological, Laboratoire Sintyl develops new concepts in cosmetology through innovative products and methods, using cutting-edge technologies.

Toner Emulsion by Laboratoires Sintyl Geneva