Methode Physiodermie

Stabilizing Lotion pH Balancing


A methodology
of beauty

Developed in 1974, Methode Physiodermie® is a scientifically based beauty treatment method, an ideal integration of highest quality ingredients and Swiss cutting-edge technologies. Dedicated to skin care, Physiodermie embraces one objective, one philosophy: “To reach a Balance with respect to each individual’s Skin Aspect and Morphology”.

As one of the direct result of the proven effectiveness, Methode Physiodermie® is available in institutes and spas of more than 15 countries, and highly recommended to women and men who are in the pursuit of the highest quality professional skin care.

Everyone is unique


A structured and innovative skin care system that uses an advanced product concept.

It has been established that people have different morphologies (body types) that predispose them to certain physical, emotional and aesthetic characteristics. The various shapes and structure of the body such as the shape of the face, shoulders, chest, pelvis and legs, represent the combination of the basic elements that determine the physical aspects and individual morphological tendencies. According to the morphology tendency, a specific combination of Methode Physiodermie® products will be used to meet all the needs to your natural timeless beauty.

Toner Emulsion by Laboratoires Sintyl Geneva
MEIMA innovative technology

to our exclusive
scientific approach


Multi-active Individual Micro-Encapsulation.

Exclusive technology for the diffusion of specific ingredients, plant extracts and highest quality of concentrated essential oils to obtain optimal results.

Thanks to this breakthrough technique, the effective ingredients can be diffused at different intervals in the cutaneous tissues and released where the skin’s cells need the most.

Balance. Energy.
Skin Ecosystem.


This concept is based on the PCbG complex which balances the skin and improves its protective natural film to counter the negative effects of environment and lifestyle on skin:

  • Re-establishes the skin ecosystem (restores the hydrolipidic barrier biomimetically and rebalances the microbiome)
  • Energizes the skin, in a controlled way