Revit(A) Oil x Face Physiocups duo

CHF 75

Have you ever tried a self-massage with our Revit(A) Oil?
The perfect moment to take care of yourself and your skin, auto-massage activates micro-circulation, drains toxins and stimulates facial muscles for an immediate lifting and tensing effect!

Thanks to the vegetal retinol it contains, it regenerates, revitalizes and promotes cell renewal in order to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Coupled with a self-massage, it is the ideal treatment to target the visible signs of aging.

The Physiodermie tip: the Revit(A) Oil can also be used with the Physiocups face. They make it possible to better target the signs of cutaneous ageing (wrinkles and fine lines, oval of the face).

Don’t wait and treat yourself with this duo!

This month, buy a Revit(A) Oil, get the Face Physiocups for free!


On clean and dry face, apply few drops of the Revit(A) Oil then use the two Physiocups to target special needs :

The big one: to be used on the whole face, neck and décolleté
The small one: dedicated to areas that are more difficult to access and where the skin is thinner (eye and lip contour)

Precautions for use 
✓ Never use without first applying Revit(A) Oil or Multi-Revitalizing Oil.
✓ Use strongly discouraged for people suffering from eczema, acne, psoriasis, lupus or rosacea, under anticoagulant treatment, having skin lesions, having undergone cosmetic surgery or injections without seeking the advice of a physician.
✓ Do not use the suction cups on the mobile part of the upper eyelid.
✓ Do not exceed the recommended treatment time
✓ Redness may appear and is normal, due to vascular stimulation.
✓ Never leave the suction pads immobile on the skin, when pressure is applied, they must always be in motion.
✓ The degree of intensity of the skin suction can be determined by pinching the sides of the suction cups more or less strongly. The massage should not be painful, as this may mark the skin.
✓ Do not go back and forth with the suction cup.
✓ Do not pinch the suction cup to avoid creating too much suction effect.


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