Vergetyl Stretch Mark Emulsion

Vergetyl Stretch Mark Emulsion

100 ml
Improves skin elasticity for stretch marks prevention and repair


Rich in restructuring and revitalizing micro-encapsulated plant extracts, this cream helps to restore skin elasticity therefor preventing and fading-away the appearance of stretch marks, Suitable for use during pregnancy or a weight-loss program.


  • Prevents the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy.
  • Insures skin health and avoid stretch marks or scars when used before and after breast increase or reduction surgeries.
  • Helps the skin to adapt during a weight loss process.
  • Tonifying, firming and healing effects.
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Apply the Vergetyl emulsion on targeted areas every day. Can also be used as a hydrating and regenerating care. For optimum result, use with Bioarome RC.

  • Hydroxyprolin / Organic Silicium complex.
  • Plant extracts of Ivy / Horsetail/ Hops / Bladderwrack.
  • Marine elastin.
  • Moisturizing and nourishing elements.

Very highly concentrated in Hydroxyprolin / Organic Silicium complex.

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