Vivifying Emulsion - methode PhysioDermie
Vivifying Emulsion - retail box
Vivifying Emulsion - methode PhysioDermie
Vivifying Emulsion - retail box

Vivifying Emulsion

50 ml
Revitalizes skin and enhances complexion


Provides the perfect solution for skin lacking vitality and in need of a boost. Revitalizes and rejuvenates skin appearance and renders a radiant complexion.


  • Helps to reduce visual signs of skin tiredness.
  • Skin recovers its vitality, glow, and tone.
  • Promotes an healthy glow.
  • Brightens the complexion, ideal for grey looking skin.

Cleanse the face with the Deep Cleansing Milk or the Shower Hydrating Milk followed by the Stabilizing Lotion. Apply the Vivifying Emulsion on the face and neck and massage gently to allow total penetration. Twice daily, morning and night.
For optimum results, use the Soft-Face Bio-Peeling twice a week to optimize the activity of the Vivifying Cream.

Use the Vivifying Cream in combination with:
• The Revitalizing Bioarome (RC), 5-10 drops: For sun damaged, mature skin.
• The Normalizing Bioarome (HY), 5-10 drops: For asphyxiated, grey skin.
• The Tonifying Bioarome (TM), 5-10 drops: For loose skin, lacking tone and vitality.

  • Exclusive PCbG balancing complex.
  • Vegetal Natural lipidic Complex: Borrage, sunflower oil, cholesterol, lecithin (essential fatty acid omega 3 and 6, oleic acid, phytosterols.
  • Highly concentrated marine collagen and elastin complex.
  • Ultra highly concentrated natural moisturizing factor and hygroscopic sugar.
  • Vitamine A and Vitamine E derivatives.
  • Triphased Micro-encapsulated emulsion (MEIMA) rich in specific devitalized looking skin care agents.
  • E3C concept Balancing, revitalizing, protecting

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