Skincare Skin Perfection Purity



  • Pre-treatment: cleansing and balancing your skin with Methode Physiodermie essentials to purify and prepare the skin for hydration and further essentials absorption.
  • Relaxing phase: aromatic compress with essential oils.
  • Exfoliation phase: thanks to the mild non-aggressive microspheres and a high concentration of plant oils and vitamins A, B5 and E, Soft Facial Biopeeling would gently remove dead cells and impurities during massage, for a clear skin.
  • Massage: with the specific emulsion and Multi-Revitalizing Oil to rebalance and purify the epidermis, promoting a healthy radiance.
  • Balancing phase: mask with essential oils to decongest and rebalance the skin for an immediate purifying effect, revealing a clear and luminous complexion.
  • Finishing the treatment with Eye Contour Gel and an Emulsion to rebalance the skin pH.


The anti-imperfection and matifying power of Methode Physiodermie’s exclusive micro-encapsulated essential oils refines the skin texture and keep the skin looking clear and fresh.


60 min

 Products used

  • Beauty cosmetics - methode PhysioDermie
  • stabilizing-lotion-ph-balancing
  • bioarome-dep-purifying-serum
  • bioarome-ds-anti-impurities-serum
  • Biogommage Lissage Instantanee - Physiodermie
  • essential-oligo-concentrate
  • Purifying Emulsion - Physiodermie
  • multi-revitalizing-oil-physiodermie
  • Biogommage Lissage Instantanee - Physiodermie
  • dark-spot-corrector-micro-emulsion
  • essential-concentrate-hydro-tonifying
  • Eye Contour Gel - Physiodermie
  • Oily Skin Emulsion - methode PhysioDermie