Skincare Rebalancing Face pH


  • Description

    • Pre-treatment: cleansing and balancing your skin with Methode Physiodermie essentials to purify and prepare the skin for hydration and further essentials absorption.
    • Relaxing phase: Aromatic compress with essential oils.
    • Exfoliation phase: thanks to the mild non-aggressive microspheres and a high concentration of plant oils and vitamins A, B5 and E, Soft Facial Biopeeling gently removes dead cells and impurities during massage, for a revitalizing and re-energizing effect.
    • Facial massage: using Vivifying Emulsion to rebalance and soften the skin.
    • Balancing phase: mask abundant in essential oils and vegetable oils, to detox, purify and rebalance the skin for a healthy glow.
    • Finishing the treatment with Eye Contour Gel, Optimum Lift Emulsion and Hydro-tonifying Essential Concentrate to continue taking care of your skin for a radiant complexion and a firmer skin full of vitality.
  • Results

    Skin damaged, stressed and attacked by the sun or pollution regains its natural balance and all its vitality. Thanks to the benefits of Physiodermie hydration, sensitized skin regains comfort and suppleness.

  • Duration

    60 min

Products used